Module Ccell

module Ccell: sig .. end
Concurrent Cell Modules.

Concurrent Cell is a synchronous message passing style multi-thread utility library for objective caml. This library has basic inter-thread shared variables(ivar, mvar) and more rich protocols such as queue, broadcast, RPC similar to John Reppy's Concurrent ML. Concurrent Cell also provides event and react combinators for Functional Reactive Programming based on 'Push Pull FRP' by Conal Elliott.

module Event: sig .. end
First-class synchronous communication.
module Ivar: sig .. end
Immutable shared variable.
module Mvar: sig .. end
Mutable shared variable.
module Mbox: sig .. end
Mailbox(thread safe queue) structure.
module Bcast: sig .. end
Broadcast channel.
module MakeRPC: sig .. end
module Timeout: sig .. end
Time-out Utilty.
module Frp: sig .. end
Modules for Functional Reactive Programming.